Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The #1 Novosibirsk Resource Site

If you recall, I was added as a top blogging link to a very cool Novosibirsk resource site while I was visiting Novosibirsk called NovosibirskGuide.com. I was totally honored to have my silly little blog listed as a top link to the cities website. To me, this was comparable to being a top 3 list to columbus.citysearch.com or something like that. This is a top-notch site!

Tonight, I was reading over some old posts from my visit to Novosibirsk, Russia and wound up linking to NovosibirskGuide.com and got caught up in it for quite a while. I learned a lot about the city and was blown away by how much information and content was on the site. I spent about 15 - 20 minutes on the site and really only skimmed the surface.

For example, I found out that there was a city that was attempting to build streets to mimic the look of the Olympic Games Rings. It blew me away when I saw the city from Google Maps. Weird, huh? It was also nice to see pictures of the streets in Akademgorodok that I walked on, only without all the snow and ice. :) What a beautiful city!

NovosibirskGuide.com is a great site for traveling to Novosibirsk. There are very helpful links to find a flat, find a local hotel, check the weather, find current exchange rates, and even get tips on how to get around in the city. The site even lists all of the English friendly places in the city. The site is very well organized and has a lot of very useful resources. I spent some time on it today and was pleasantly surprised to see that I'm still listed as a top link on their site.

If you are visiting Novosibirsk or need to know anything about Novosibirsk, I highly recommend... actually, I insist that you use NovosibirskGuide.com! :)

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